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For the past decade or so, the high street has been grappling with a whole new competitor: the Internet.


Once upon a time, people that wanted to indulge in a little bit of retail therapy would call up their boss, put on their best “I’m sick” voice, take the day off work and walk the high street looking for places to spend their money. Nowadays, though, people wanting to prove money can buy happiness only need to open their laptops or pull out their smartphones and, voila, they have a world of consumerism at their fingertips.


Why are we telling you this? To demonstrate just how important it is to create a store display window that will turn crowds of heads. You’re no longer just competing with the shops around you, you’re competing with stores all over the road.


So, without further ado, here is your foolproof guide to creating an irresistible window display:


  1. Nothing Sells Like A Story

When it comes to creating a window display, instead of just sketching out your design on paper, come up with a story that will make your shop more enticing. Now, you may think this is nuts, but storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing techniques out there and one that has a place in your storefront. Take Christmas for example, it’s done. Instead, use The Nutcracker as your inspiration or, if it’s Halloween, go down a Hocus Pocus route. Stories sell, it’s that simple.


  1. The Bolder The Better

The moment Tasty (you know that Buzzfeed brand that makes sixty-second foodie videos?!) became the most-watched Facebook/YouTube channel we realised the attention span of society had hit record lows. We’re talking about milliseconds. Now add the fact people walking past your shop will be a) engaged in conversation, b) chasing their dog, c) texting a mate or d) scrolling through Instagram and you realise just how loud you need to be, especially with most people priding themselves on being smart shoppers. For some, the aim is to make people put own their smartphones and smile. For us, we think you should aim to get people to take photos of your display.


  1. Details Matter Most

When people consider walking into your store, they carefully study the window display first to see what sort of brand you are and what sort of things you sell. That’s where details and, more importantly, your USPs come into play. If you’re a shop that is all about personalising products, then show this in your displays. If you are a fishing shop that offers better value than anywhere else, then have a fish-themed display complete with a bait pouch, rod and hooked whatever, but make sure people can see your prices too. If your USP is the quality and creativity of your products, then don’t overcomplicate your display. Let your pieces do the talking by being clever with the lighting.


Basically, don’t settle for just making people take a look or a glance. Make them want to know more about you. Make them want to share you with their followers. That’s the aim here.

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