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I recently came across an app called Receipt Hog.  You can download to your phone, upload your receipts (any shopping receipts will do) via your camera, you get coins for doing so, you then redeem those coins for either Amazon gift cards or cash which is payable via your PayPal account.


There are some things you need to know before you start though:


Why on earth would anyone want your used receipts AND pay you for them?  Well the reason is straightforward, Receipt Hog is a market research company, the trawl the data that has been uploaded (it is made anonymous) and they use it for market research purposes.  They work with large brands and companies who pay them and then they pay you via this process.


What receipts can be uploaded?  As far as I can see any kind of receipts from your grocery shopping to clothes shopping.  Although there is a time limit, receipts must be within 14 days of the transaction date/time so maybe doing it once a week will ensure you keep within the time limits.


So how many coins can you earn?  There is a simple breakdown on their website that states for a receipt with a spend of less than £10 you get 5 coins, £10-£50 you get 10 coins, £50-£100 you get 15 coins and £100+ you get 20 coins.

Is that it?  Not actually, as well as earning coins for your uploaded receipts there is Hog Slots which is a wee game you play for free and if you win you win additional bonus coins and sometimes prizes.  If you want to get 5 extra spins on this be sure to use code lib11461. There are also paid surveys and opportunities to win free shopping trips.


How much can I make?  Well you do need 1,500 coins to get £5 or 1,000 coins for a £3 Amazon voucher.


I’m interested, what do I do now?  First you need to go to either your Android or iOS store to download the app.  This was a very straightforward process.  It took me all of a few minutes to do.  Remember if you want to get 5 extra spins on this be sure to use code lib11461.


Verdict?  Only time will tell if this app is worth the effort but then again what would you be doing with your old receipts anyway?  I guess it’s a chance to clear the purse out every now and then; earn coins and may be some free things!


I highly recommend downloading the app now and earn yourself extra spins!



Elf x

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