From Blogger To Business Owner – How To Make The Transition For Commercial Success

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Blogging has become a very popular hobby in recent years, and there is something liberating about sharing your views with the world. However, for savvy millennials, there’s no better way to increase the productivity than learning to make money from the venture.   


For many people, the blog is destined to remain a hobby, which is fine. If you want yours to become a small business, however, a change of mindset is vital. Here’s how to make that switch in style.



#1. Be Professional


In any aspect of business, we expect to see professionalism at all time. So, if you want readers to view your venture in this way, you must show that touch of class in every aspect. Upgrading the website design to professional standards makes a big impact, especially when you have good branding too. On a separate note, utilising strong data protection and good payment gateways will   


#2. Post Frequently


When blogging solely for personal reasons, there are no rules on how often you should post as the product is mainly for you. If the blog is to become a commercial success, though, you need to build momentum. The only way to do this is to post regularly. Infrequent additions will see readers become bored of returning to the same website that has nothing new to promote. At least twice per week is advised. Then again, you need to avoid the threat of posting pointless 100-word ramblings. Finding that balance between quality and quantity is key.


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#3. Focus On Customers


Once you’ve decided that you’d like to make money from a blog, the focus should shift to the reader. It’s still good to write about the things you’re passionate about, but you must also give the audience what it wants. Social media is a great way to gain insight into what they want to know and can be a great way to grow the audience through interaction. For some bloggers, Q&As offer easy content too.


#4. Make Money


The hardest challenge of any blogging entrepreneur is to make money. Advertising streams are a great starting point, but you should look to do more. Affiliate schemes, merchandise sales, and paid content are all fantastic options that can work wonders. Once you’ve built a name for yourself, companies may pay you to write or vlog for them too. Getting free stuff to review is another way to make life more comfortable even without increasing the bank balance. Without that revenue, though, the blog remains a hobby. And that’s regardless of the professionalism shown.


#5. Learn To Grow


Growth is the key factor for any commercial blog and should cover multiple factors. From building a bigger audience to hiring other writers to increase your stream of content, those steps all make a positive impact. Even if those forward steps come slowly, this is the defining feature that will separate your blog from the crowded arena. Whether it’s a side hustle or you have plans to make it your primary source of income, achieving that sustainability is the final piece of the puzzle.

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