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As a blogger I am always on the look out for side hustles to make some extra cash.  Having a full time job it can be tricky fitting everything in.  I got thinking about my full time job and wondering if I should ask for a pay rise?  After all this is another opportunity to make money.


To be honest, I’ve never asked for a pay rise before.  I was wondering though how to go about it.  Below are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself.


When’s the right time to ask for a pay rise?

I really don’t think any time is the right time but I guess if I was going to ask it would be after the financial year end or when it was time for my yearly review.  I guess this is the time when my duties are often reviewed so it would be the ideal time to notify my manager of any new duties I had undertaken.  This would be a good case for considering a pay rise at this time.


What do I need to think about before asking?

The tasks that I now undertake are varied and have increased over the last year.  If I was going to ask for a pay rise it would be important that I list these and share them with my manager.  Listing what I bring to the role could also have an important impact on my manager understanding my worth to the organisation.


How do I make my case?

Even thinking about asking makes me nervous.  I guess taking a lead from job interviews could possibly help in that sitting straight, making eye contact and speaking slow and confident would ensure a less nervous conversation.


How much do I ask for?

This is a negotiation so aiming high is probably the right strategy and be prepared for a lower amount or maybe increased benefits if there’s no cash for a pay rise.



Have you ever asked for a pay rise?  What was the outcome? Any hints or tips?



pay rise

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