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When you’re looking for a job, you need to ensure that you are taking into consideration what they can offer to you rather than consuming yourself with the thoughts of what you can offer to them. It’s a common misconception that we have to show ourselves off in order to get the job – the company that you are applying for need to do just the same to make sure that they are getting the right candidate for the role.


Don’t be scared to explore the ethos of where you are applying to so you know that it fits in with your personal beliefs as much as it can; working for a business that totally goes against what you hold as your values will see you working yourself into the ground with little job enjoyment. So what questions do we need to be asking in our interviews?




Show Me The Report!


It is a requirement of businesses to provide gender pay gap reports to show how much their pay differs between men and women within the company. The government ask for this information to put towards their statistics to cover the whole country.


It’s reported that there is still the same pay gap in the job market as there was six years ago; this is constantly being put forward as an issue that needs changing, but there are other benefits that businesses are introducing to offset as perks against it. There are jobs where women earn more than men, but they are few and far between. The companies that are leaning more towards gender equality are most probably the ones that you need to consider applying for.


What Can You Offer Me?


Don’t just think about the perks that you can get when you first step up. A company car may seem great, as may a discount on whatever the company is offering if it is selling physical items, but you need to think past the superficial luxuries. T


here are companies out there that are dedicated to progressing you as a person, even if this means that you eventually leave them. Gaining NVQs and other qualifications isn’t unheard of whilst working, and you will be put through these tests within working hours – although it may require a bit of home studying as well just to make sure that you make the grade. An investment in your education is something that definitely needs to be taken on board if it is offered – especially if the business is funding it rather than you having to pay for it externally.


Is There Overtime?


Don’t look for a job that will just offer you the basics. There will come times in life when you need to earn just that little bit more to tide you over – Christmas and birthdays are just one example. Being able to pick up extra shifts or take home extra work is something that could really come in handy. While it’s not something that every business will offer, it’s definitely something to look out for.



job hunting

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