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If you are on a money saving journey for whatever reason, it is so important to look after your mental health.


Below I have listed 5 ways to help you stay positive along the journey.


Remember though if you require help please visit your Doctor.



  1. Try a little exercise


There is so much evidence now to suggest that light exercise can improve our mood no matter what your age or ability.  Exercise releases happy endorphins so give it a go, whether that’s going for a walk during your lunch break or in the evenings or exercising to a DVD or app – why not give it a go?


  1. Connect with family & friends


Social relationships can have a positive impact on how we feel about ourselves.  Connect with family and friends today.  Try phoning someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or say hello to someone you always see on your journey to work.  Make a connection and see how it goes.


  1. Write down your goals & use visualisation techniques


It can be difficult and lonely if you are on a journey to save money and make money.  It can be helpful to write down your goals and visualise these to keep you motivated.  Do this each morning and evening as a way of keeping on track.


  1. Start a hobby


Lifelong learning is common place now, it increases our social interaction with others, allows us to be more active and has the potential to increase our self-esteem.  Why not start something new today?  Go look at what is on offer in your local leisure centre or community group now.


  1. Volunteer


Volunteering is a great way of giving back, but it also helps you to connect with others and is very rewarding.  Why not see what volunteering opportunities there are in your local area?




I hope these five steps will help you look after your mental health in general but even more so if you are on a journey to save money and to make money.


Take care of yourself!



Elf x







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