3 Easy Ways to Make Money From Your Kitchen Table

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Today, the idea of a dream job seems more aligned with the idea of a dream business, and what this means to most people is a business that allows them the freedom to fit work around their life, rather than to fit life around their work.  The ingredients of freedom seem to be having both the time and money to life life on your own terms, where you are not beholden to a “boss” that makes you miss your kids sports game or christmas pageant.


make money from your kitchen table


For this reason, many people are looking into the possibility of setting up a business from their kitchen table – some might call this a side hustle, others might view it as a grassroots business that could have high growth potential, but the fact remains, we are all looking for ways to make an income that doesn’t take up too much of our precious time!


Many people toy with the idea of setting up a home based business; whether this is inventing a new product that is going to change the world, meaning you want to pitch it on a show like Shark Tank, or something a lot more low key such as utilising an existing skill such as printer or scanner repair, and setting up a home based business around that.


Most successful entrepreneurs tend to advise people to focus their business on something they are passionate and knowledgeable about, as this way, they avoid the steep learning curve associated with learning a new industry, are more able to see the pitfalls, and rather than it feel like “work”, the idea of working on your business lights you up as you get to do what you love.


That said, not everyone is looking to set up a home based business, some people prefer to make money from their kitchen table in less involved ways, such as through investing in other companies rather than setting up their own.


Here are three ways you can make money from your kitchen table that don’t require all that much time, effort or skill but can reap decent rewards in financial terms.



One of the quickest ways to make money online is to do something called match betting, where you take advantage of the free bets promoted by betting sites.  This practice is not gambling, as the risk of losing money is eliminated because you are betting both for and against a particular outcome – meaning as one bet loses the other one will win.



Filling out online surveys can be done in your spare time, for instance, whilst watching TV.  This isn’t going to get you a huge amount of money, but for just a few minutes filling out a form and answering a few questions, you should be able to make around $5; which over time, mounts up.



You don’t have to be an extraordinary writer to set up and monetise a blog; you do, however, need a subject that is interesting to enough people to have a decent flow of traffic to your site.  A blog can be a very profitable way to make money from your kitchen table; particularly if is combined with affiliate marketing.

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