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Money can be tight during this world pandemic so I have shared with you some of the things you can do, sell, and make to increase your bank balance!  Some you can do right away, others will take some time.  For example setting up a blog will take a bit of time but makings something and selling can be done relatively quickly especially since there are ready made design templates out there already! There are ways to make extra cash from your computer so hopefully you will find something here for you.

1. Selling DVDs, Books, and LPs

You can make money selling your old DVDs, books, and LPs.  You can either flog them altogether on the likes of Music Magpie, Ziffit, Zapper or WeBuyBooks or you can list them on Ebay.  After all, if you no longer use the items there is no point in cluttering up your home.

2. Make things to sell

You can increase your bank balance by selling handmade items.  If you are good at arts and crafts, then get your creative juices going and make items you can sell.  To get some inspiration have a look at Design Bundles which is the perfect place to give you a head start. For example coming up to holiday periods you could make invites, badges and posters to sell. You can do this for any market, even America since their design bundles include a variety of symbols to appeal to all your different audiences such as the American flag svg or you can even drill down to specific states to target your selling option such as this Texas svg.  How cool is that? 


3. Offering a Service

You can make money by offering a service.  Are you good at Photoshop? Are you good with figures?  Why not register with People per Hour and start applying for contracts?  You can register and start making extra money right away with your skills.

4. Old/Vintage Clothes

You can make money from your old clothes especially vintage clothing. All things vintage is so popular now.  Get hunting through your wardrobe, your mum’s wardrobe, and your gran’s wardrobe too and start selling on eBay!

5. Make Money Watching TV

RewardTV has been around for approximately 10 years.  You sign up and answer questions about your viewing habits and other likes and
dislikes in relation to TV programmes.  It’s a very easy to register and start earning.  Basically, you watch TV as you normally do, you then login to their website and answer questions about what you watched.  Answering questions allows you to accumulate points which you save up and then get to spend. Why not register today and see how much you can accumulate?

6. Start a Blog

You can make money by starting a blog. I would encourage anyone and everyone to set up a blog.  The potential for making money is fantastic – although it will take a little time to get established. If you want to know more about setting up a blog head over to this excellent post 5 Easy Steps to Set Up a Blog to read how to set up a blog.

7. Complete surveys

Prolific Academic is a survey site but with a difference, it is mainly used by researchers from universities so the surveys you complete are that little bit more interesting – in my opinion anyway!  You are paid in cash so get registering today and find out how much you can make during your lunch break!  Surveys last from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. You can earn up to £20 per hour with Prolific so a great site to start earning cash.

Another survey site is Pinecone. This is a great site, where you get to help influence tomorrow’s products!  You complete surveys from the comfort and convenience and get paid for sharing your thoughts.  Membership is free and only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Pinecone is very generous in terms of payment – you can earn up to £3 per survey so worth signing up to now! 

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8. Mystery Shop

You can make money by carrying out mystery shopping. The best place to start is with StreetSpotr, you can download the app from here and start earning cash for completing mystery shops.

9. Join ClickWorker

As well as completing surveys another way of making some extra cash when you have a few minutes is completing tasks through ClickWorker.  The tasks are varied and depending on what time you have, you can make money on a regular basis.

10. Earn Vouchers

You can also earn vouchers as well with SwagBucks.  Swagbucks is a paid to click website which offers numerous tasks for you to do, some of these are surveys, daily polls and searching online.  Another great opportunity to save up vouchers for birthdays and Christmas or a treat for yourself!

These are just some additional ways you can increase your bank balance.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure you start today! Have you other ways that you want to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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