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Blogging is a dream. What better way to get your voice heard and make your living? The benefits are ten-fold. You get to work from home, and you achieve a platform without having to operate through a second-party. If you have a message you want to share with the world, this could be the perfect thing for you!

But, breaking into blogging isn’t as easy as some would have you believe. Hundreds of blogs fail to get off the ground each year. While the reasons for these failures vary, most have a few different things in common. Bloggers who don’t develop their designs past standard templates may fail to attract an audience. Equally, bloggers who stick to outdated topics could fail.

What do these two failures have in common? They rely on designs made by someone else, and ideas other people have already had. So, what can we learn from them? For the most part, the clear message is that you should inject your personality to unlock the potential of your blog. And, here are a few more reasons why it might be worth getting personal.



Most people who choose to start a blog have a strong creative impulse. They’re individuals who think outside the box and have opted for a career which allows for self-expression. So, it makes no sense that you’d opt to do things in the most boring way possible. Failing to get personal on your blog could lead to dissatisfaction and boredom. You may as well be in an office, right?

But, if you get personal, your satisfaction will soar. You’ll be able to embrace your creative side in the design and the concept. You’ll even be able to get your camera out and take snaps to include in your posts. It’s a creative cacophony, ideal for anyone with artistic flair.


blogging tips



A recent update from Google means boring blogs like the ones mentioned above have fallen in listings and suffered a significant drop in traffic. Why? Because Google’s realized that personality is the most important thing, too. Instead of backing outdated, lazy blogs, they’re now championing creative, quality content. And, your injection of personality will ensure you’re one of them.


If you want further assistance to get up the listings, you could also employ the help of an SEO services company. They’ll be able to help you develop what you’re doing, and ensure you reach the level of success you’re aiming for. You may be getting personal, but there’s no reason you need to do things alone!




blogging tips


At the end of the day, readers head to blogs because they’re looking for a personal connection. If there’s no personality in your posts, they aren’t going to stick around. But, if they get a sense of your life and your style, they’re more likely to invest in what you’re doing. They’ll keep returning to your page for the next installment, and they’ll care about what you say!



blogging tips


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