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So you want to set up a blog to make money?

Blogging has allowed many people to share their ideas, thoughts and views with the world.  With it a whole new world has opened up of possible ways to make money.

I will discuss the opportunities of affiliate marketing in my next post.  I will touch upon how to register for affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

It hasn’t been plain sailing for me, while I have over 30 blog posts on my other blog here I have been rejected by Google AdSense 3 times, it’s all to do with not having enough content but as I continue to write blog posts I will keep you posted about it if I decide to give  Google Adsense another go.


Should I go for a free hosting blog or paid one?

Ok, this part has been the most tricky and frustrating part for me personally – the setting up a blog.  At first I was of the opinion that I didn’t want to pay any money for setting the blog up since there are ways of having a blog for free.  However, when I researched it, the best and only option to be fully in control of my content and be able to monitise my blog was to go the paid route or self hosted as it is referred to.

Having a self hosted blog also allows you to have your own name (e.g. /, it does look more professional than others and you can also use an array of designs which are free or you can buy a more unique theme.

How much would it cost me?

Again it took me ages to find a host which I had confidence in.  I read a lot of reviews, gave up a few times as the reviews were conflicting, then settled on TSO Host.  I can highly recommend them for several reasons.

Firstly, I was able to purchase my domain name with them for £7.19 for the entire year, secondly their basic hosting package costs me £2.99 per month and their customer service is excellent.

Did I mention before how rubbish I am at technical stuff?  Well, when I purchased my domain name and hosting package with TSO Host I sent them an email saying I wanted my website to be WordPress and could they just do that and send me the login details. Honestly this is just how rubbish I am at the technical stuff but TSO Host were excellent, within an hour they emailed me back my details, I logged in and was able to start customising the WordPress theme!

Step 1

Register your domain with TSO Host here.   Of course this is the easy part but coming up with the name can be a bit tricky so make sure you are happy with your choice, try it out with family and friends first!  TSO Host also have .blog domains now, there is just so much choice from .com to .uk to even .wales!

Step 2

Buy the hosting package for your blog with TSO Host here. I highly recommend the standard package at £2.99 per month.

Step 3

Connect your domain and your hosting.  Very simple, just email TSO Host customer service and they will do all of it for you and send you the login details.  It really is that simple.  The customer service for TSO Host is second to none.


So what now?

I highly recommend you set up your blog as a first step to monitising it and once you have at least 10 blog posts start on your affiliate marketing plan.

I highly recommend you go with TSO Host as a service provider who has a very competitive price and has excellent customer service and who are particularly helpful for those of us who are not very tech savvy!



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