Follow These Golden Rules For Blogging Success

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There are thousands of blogs online, each one vying for the attention of the millions of people who populate the internet each day. Finding success as a blogger then, could be considered difficult, but that is why you should adhere to what we are calling the ‘golden rules.’ By following the tips in this article, you will hopefully gain the readership (and the financial rewards if that is why you blog) you have been hoping for.

Rule #1: Be a consistent blogger

You don’t have to write something every day, but if your readers don’t see any new content on a reasonably regular basis, they might then assume you have become yet another blogger who has fallen by the wayside and given up. Generally speaking, 3-4 times a week is enough, but you can increase your content with a freelancer or a guest blogger if your time is limited. And provided your content is of a high quality, the more you produce, the greater interest you will receive from your readers.

Rule #2: Be mobile-minded

No, we aren’t suggesting you write your blog while on the move; that’s an accident waiting to happen! Rather, we are encouraging you to consider the many people using their mobile devices to browse the internet. Many business owners have come to the realisation that a company website needs to be fully responsive when it comes to marketing, and the same is true of your blog. Be it for personal or business use; it won’t rank highly on Google or any search engine if you haven’t optimised it for mobile users. There is plenty of advice online to find out how to do this, although you could utilise the services of a web design company (see the previous link for more) if you need extra guidance.

Rule #3: Show your human side

When it comes to your blog posts, you need to let your personality come through. Not only will you gain more enjoyment when writing your posts, but your readers will gain more enjoyment reading your posts when they see sparks of humour, emotion, and anything else that makes up your personality. This is also your way to stand out from other bloggers. It’s very difficult to write about topics that haven’t been covered before, but your personality will ensure it appears unique and different from anything that has been written about by others. And when you show your human side by engaging with your readers when they post comments on your blog, you will also encourage them to return to you.

Rule #4: Marketing is key

Don’t assume you will get many readers after you have hit ‘publish’ after writing your latest post. Sure, you might get lucky, and the occasional person will stumble upon your blog, but to get greater success, marketing is key. You should focus on SEO, ensuring your website is optimised for search engines. You need to share links to your posts online through the various social media networks you use. And you might want to comment on other bloggers posts, or guest blog for them, with links back to your own personal blog.


Blogging success is not guaranteed, but by following these golden rules, you stand a better chance than most. We haven’t covered every aspect of blogging here – there are probably other rules you need to abide by – but do your research, and let us know if you have any other tips for our readers. Thanks for reading.

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