If you’ve been anywhere near social media lately, you’ll have noticed that there are a huge amount of people focusing their content on health and fitness. The industry is booming at the moment, and social media has a big role to play in that.


We all like to use social media to document the highlights of our lives – whether that is a career upgrade, a new hairdo or (you guessed it) our fitness progress. Many people also use social media as a source of inspiration and motivation, and this is especially apparent in online fitness communities.


Seeing someone’s amazing ‘before and after pictures’ can easily spur you into action even after a long afternoon of sitting on the couch, and posting your transformation photos can be a real confidence boost. So, if you’re a lover of fitness AND social media, why not combine the two? You never know, doing so could be the start of a great career. Here are some typical do’s and don’ts for building your online fitness brand.

Decide which platforms to focus on

Your fitness journey is important, and that’s why it requires a stunning platform on which to showcase it. If you want to go quite in depth with your topics and write lengthy articles and essays about things you’ve learned, an official blog is probably the way to go. You can easily create your own via a free hosting website like WordPress or Wix, although you may want to consider buying a domain name to make yours look more ‘professional.’ Additionally, Instagram is a good bet for people hoping to break into the fitness industry, as you can post pictures, videos, Boomerangs and stories to pull your portfolio together.



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Get credible

To have people take you seriously on your social media platforms, you will need to ensure that you are backed up in all the things you are saying. If you are unqualified to be spouting advice at your audience, you may soon find that many starts to question what you are offering. Plus, if everything you do is guesswork, you could potentially be putting your followers in danger by suggesting things to them that are neither tried nor tested.  Back up what you say by attending Gym Instructor courses, as this way you will be a fully qualified PT, and people will subsequently trust you more.



Consider brand deals

If you are in a position of influence on social media, you will probably find that you end up being approached by various brands offering you sponsorships and deals. This can be a great way to make cash out of your fitness profile, but it must also be said that you need to tread carefully here. Are you already familiar with the brand and would you genuinely use it? Online audiences are smart, and they will be able to easily spot a brand deal that’s been done simply for the money. Even if you are offered a lot of money, try and keep your integrity at the forefront of everything you do online – it will pay off in the long run.





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