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A lot of people start a blog in the hope of raising some additional cash. After all, once you raise your profile, it can lead to advertising on your blog. Also, you might get companies asking for sponsored blog posts which is also an extra way to earn some money. However, while we might set up a blog to raise some money, it’s easy for it to do the opposite if you are not careful. In fact, here are some ways you can ensure your blog doesn’t end up losing you money.




Be careful to ensure you use copyright free photos

It’s common to use pictures on your blog. After all, it gives it a more visually appealing look and can give a break from the writing. However, while it’s always good to add pictures, you need to ensure the images that you are using are copyright free. Otherwise, you could end up sued if you use them without the owner’s permission.


In fact, as it says on, US blogger Perez Hilton ended up in a £1.6 million lawsuit after using photos on his blog that weren’t his. And unless you fancy losing money down to your blog, you don’t want to follow his lead. Therefore, only use copyright free photos which you can search for online.


In fact, there are a lot of free image sites which will ensure you have great quality pictures without breaking the law. And to be extra safe, always credit the site where you took the photo. That way, you can never end up in trouble with the original photographer. And remember the same goes for any wording or quotes you take from other sources. Always link back to the original site to ensure you don’t get in trouble!



Don’t write defamatory claims about people

Of course, a blog is all about writing your opinion on things. But you need to be careful about what you are saying about people. After all, once it’s down in writing, it can be hard to take it back. And if the person in question sees the claims on your blog, they could end up getting you in trouble via the defamation law. After all, even if the comments are true, if you have managed to damage their reputation, they could still sue you.


In fact, if you do get into trouble with your blog, you will need to find a lawyer to help you with defamation claims. In fact, you can look online on the website and other similar sites for assistance. But to avoid this occurring, make sure you are careful about what you are writing about!


 Image from Pexels


Always answer any bad complaints

It’s easy to ignore any bad complaints which might appear on your blog or on your social media account for the site. But if you do ignore them, it could jeopardise your chances of securing advertising for your blog.


And not only this but you might lose people who are currently advertising. After all, they won’t want to be associated with bad press. Therefore, even if you pre-schedule your posts, constantly check your accounts for bad feedback. And respond quickly to ensure there is no further comeback!


And remember to always be honest and open if it’s an endorsed post to stay within the law.


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blogging tips

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