How You Can Keep Succeeding at SEO

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SEO is one of those things that doesn’t stay the same for very long. If you haven’t bothered to top up your SEO skills and knowledge since 2010, you’re probably doing pretty much everything wrong right now. The priorities are now entirely different, and it’s up to you as someone who runs a blog or website to make sure you keep succeeding at SEO. That’s only possible if you understand what that requires in 2018, so read on to learn more.


Update Old Posts to Make Them Relevant Again


Your old posts don’t have to be left to get completely redundant, and that’s what many bloggers don’t really understand. If you have content on your website that was really successful and widely read a few years ago but now contains content and information that is completely out of date, go back and update it. You can build around that successful core but make it relevant to 2018.


Allow for More User Engagement


If you build your website in a way that directly encourage user engagement, you will find it so much easier to attract new people to your website. Google and other search engines love content that is geared towards communication and engagement. So engage with people by linking to your content on social media, and always keep the comments open and active.


Track Google Algorithm Changes and Updates


Google changes its algorithm all the time; it can be pretty hard to keep up with it all, but it’s something you need to be able to do. It’s your responsibility to follow those updates and understand the changes so that you can adapt your content accordingly. The recent core algorithm update should already be on your radar. And I’m sure there’ll be more to follow in the weeks and months ahead.


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Think About Voice Searches on Google


Over the past year, there has been a massive increase in people carrying out searching via their voice rather than typing in words. This is significant because voice searches tend to have longer search terms, and you have to adapt to that in some way in order to rank high when people search with their voice. It’s something many businesses are overlooking right now.


Don’t Forget the Importance of Video Marketing of YouTube


People forget that YouTube is a search engine in its own right too, and that’s something that your business should be taking advantage of. More people are moving away from written content and towards the kind of video content that makes YouTube so massively popular around the world. Be creative and make videos that will lead people to your website.


SEO might not be the easiest thing for you to get your head around, but if you put some work into it, it shouldn’t be long before you can get to where you want to be with this vital issue. Whatever you do, don’t just bury your head in the sand because the importance of SEO is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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